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Proven Marketing and Operational Systems

Martial Arts, Camp, After School, & Special Events


We are the strategy team behind InCourage Martial Arts, the studio brand that inspired the MyStudio technology platform. 

Our team is comprised of highly-skilled martial arts operators, creatives, digital strategists, marketing researchers, and professionals with business degrees from Harvard Business School and Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. Together, we work toward two main goals: 1) Get new members for our studios and 2) Keep existing members. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to achieve those goals. 

Currently each of the InCourage location is directed by an accomplished operator. The InCourage Systems team provides the operator with the strategies, plans, related materials, and support needed to run the studios. In turn, they are set up for success to fulfill their roles: execute the plans in operations and ensure the profitability of the studio. 


The InCourage Systems Program is a limited opportunity to gain access to the InCourage Systems team and our marketing and operating systems. 

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Access to themes, activities, and decoration plans to run engaging programs at your studio.

  • Monthly themes for in-person and virtual programs

  • Character mat chats

  • Arts and crafts plans

  • Fun games plans

  • Studio decoration plans


​This level of membership includes everything in the Starter program, plus operational plans, distribution materials, and access to our private community group.

  • All Starter program benefits

  • Summer camp marketing + operational plans

  • After school program marketing + operational plans

  • Take home packets for parents

  • Special events (marketing and operational plans)

  • Private Facebook group access

  • Monthly webinar + access to all of our educational content


​This is our highest level of collaboration: business coaching, accountability, and more.

  • All Starter and Growth program benefits

  • Bi-weekly development conference to review goals, numbers and strategy 

  • Performance data tracking 

  • Setting of monthly goals

  • Access to marketing event plans, sales scripts and strategies that we develop in real time.

  • 2 in-person seminars at one of our studios each year 

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What makes us different than the rest? We operate studios, which challenges us to consistently fine tune our strategies based on the needs of our members. Members' needs are always changing. We deliver real time, up to date, relevant content to you.

Every membership-based business needs new faces to grow. We get trials into your studio through our strategic events and marketing plans. Our team handles all marketing flyers and event planning to get the right clientele through your door.

Keeping students engaged and coming back is a 24 hour job. We create content that is both fun and educational so your members can't wait to come back for their next class.

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Below are high-level overviews of the services we provide to our InCourage Martial Arts members. InCourage Systems Program members will gain insight into the strategies, materials, and plans associated to these programs.

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Martial Arts (Virtual & In-Person)

Our instructors teach classes in-person and virtually. While the martial arts are core to this, the strategies used to engage and motivate students are tailored to the delivery method. The InCourage Systems team comes up with the curriculum and class agendas for our programs across our multiple locations.

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Camps (Summer, Snow, Spring, Holiday)

Every aspect of our camps is designed to have kids play, meet new friends, socialize, sweat, and have fun while learning the mental and physical benefits of the Martial Arts. Our program has been recognized as "Best Summer Camp" by Northern Virginia Magazine for many years running. Our camps have run up to 120 students in one studio at a time, filled with well thought out activities, field trips, and themes, which are the product of nearly a year of preparation each year. For the 2020 summer camp season, our camps were 75% sold out by January 2020, across 5 locations.

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After School Care (Virtual & In-Person)

Every day our teams transport hundreds of children from their elementary schools to our studios for an afternoon of martial arts, active games, crafts, and age-appropriate educational activities. While our students see us every day, there is always something new to look forward to as we deploy monthly themes and weekly character lessons to enrich their experience with us. During the COVID-19 shutdown of schools, we have been offering daily educational sessions with our after school students.

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Special Events (Virtual & In-Person)

We regularly host birthday parties and parents' nights out in our studios, which are extremely popular for children in our local communities. Attendees enjoy the special activities we intricately plan out, including games to get their bodies moving and crafts to get their brains working.

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We invite you to try our Member or Operator programs for 30 days.

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Recent Webinar: Automations to Dominate Your Local Search Engines

Our team discusses strategies to dominate local search engines that have worked for our InCourage studios, in a very competitive local market (November 12, 2020).

Talk to you soon!

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